We have capabilities to send lab work out for wellness and/or specialized testing.

Tests Recommended Annually:
Heartworm testing: it is important to test your dog on a regular basis for heartworms even if you give the medicine monthly, because there are areas in Louisiana and other parts of the country where heartworms have been found resistant to many current preventions. These tests can be run in the clinic or sent to the lab.
Fecal Exams: to look for internal parasites. Dogs and cats can carry some internal parasites that people may be susceptible to, so it is important to test them every year. We perform fecal centrifuge in the clinic which is a more sensitive test than fecal flotation alone.

Tests Recommended for Sick or Senior Pets:
We often recommend these tests yearly or every other year for pets over 7 years of age in order to catch a disease early in the process and with treatment may increase the length and quality of your pet’s life.

Complete Blood Count: this test looks at the number of your pet’s red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. This is an important test for diagnosing infection, anemia, clotting problems, and dehydration.

Blood Chemistries: theses tests look at organ function, fat level in the blood, blood sugar, protein level, and calcium and phosphorus. This test is very important in diagnosing liver and kidney disease, and even some cancer and hormone problems.

Electrolytes: evaluation of electrolytes is important to diagnose certain hormone abnormalities and when determining the proper type of fluid therapy.

Urinalysis: this test evaluates the urine for signs of infection, crystals, and kidney disease. This test can also aid in diagnosing hormonal diseases such as diabetes and adrenal disease.

These are just a few of the tests that are at our fingertips for diagnosing disease in our patients. If you have any questions regarding other laboratory tests please don’t hesitate to contact us.