Looking for a new furry friend? Try a rescue!!!

  • Houston Collie Rescue
  • Houston Humane Society
  • Behavior

    These are a couple of great websites for training tips as well as help with common behavioral problems:

    Pet Health Library

    Questions about a diagnosis? Want to be informed prior to talking to a veterinarian? Please click this link below to acquire your pet health information! With so much conflicting material on the internet, we want to provide a source of information that you can count on to be reliable.

    Pet Toxins

    Wondering if a common household item could be toxic? Please click on the link below or give us a call!

    Common Pet Toxins – Click HERE to see some common household and lawn toxins.

    The Animal Poison Control Center is also available for a $65 consultation fee at

    Recalled Pet Foods


    Sick baby squirrel in your yard? Abandoned fledgling? Injured raccoon and don’t know what to do? Reach out to Texas Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center!!!